I was dead set on cooking last night so even though I was going to get out of the office a little later, I figured I'd just stop by Whole Foods and pick up some gear.

This one was partially inspired by a joint I saw over on Cook. Eat. Fret. Not really the same thing, but the whole scallop with veggie cake thing ... that's the inspiration.

So we started making the cake (which burned a little in the oven!):
- sweet potato
- ham
- jalapeño
- salt
- maple syrup
- egg
- salt

Then I just seared off the scallops and tossed around some pomegranate seeds and more diced jalapeño.

It wasn't a hearty meal (I should have added more of the potato cakes), but it was a good one. I needed a little more green. I thought I'd have more pepper, but it was on the small side and went quickly.

Still, good. Don't expect much for tomorrow. I have an event and probably won't be home for any foods tonight.

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