We had a mostly late night last night and ended up rolling out of bed a little later than normal. And because of the air was crisp and the wind was picking up, I didn't really feel like hitting the grocery.

Commence improvisation.

I raided the fridge and came up with a little sausage and egg situation. The sausage went like this:
- apple juice
- chicken and apple sausage
- onion
- olive oil
- mustard

The baked egg went like this:
- egg
- flour tortilla
- chives
- parmesan
- white wine
- onion

The eggs were shockingly bland. I think I should have used some salt. Definitely salt. But everything else was good. The eggs were good, actually. Just not as good as I would have liked. But good.

Good start to the day. Now Meena's off to try on wedding dresses!

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