Laura is in town! It's awesome to have her in NYC for a couple days and to celebrate a Friday night with L.A.'s finest, we decided to hit the LES for drinks and dinner.

We tried a couple spots before ending up at Tapeo 29 for tapas, sangria and wine.

So here's the thing about Tapeo - it's too expensive. All the food is great. This is a fact. The environment is wonderful. It's cozy. It's cute.

It's just hard to stomach paying 11 bucks for a little bowl of chorizo. Like I said, it's delicious, but this stuff adds up and in a hurry.

Anyway, last night we had a whole host of stuff. Spanish omelettes, chorizo cooked in apple cider, chorizo cooked in red wine, pan con tomate, roasted eggplant with goat cheese, salmon ... the list goes on. It's a delicious list. Just an ungodly expensive one.

The night was wonderful though. And the food - like I said. The food was great.

And there's more! More to come tonight!

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