If you've read Memoirs over the last year, you know we're big fans of Ivo and Lulu. Honestly, it's still my favorite place to eat in this town. Even with the interior changes and everything else, I still love it. And if you know that, you might also know I nearly always get one of their alternative sausage dishes. Delicious wild boar with blueberry sauce. Rabbit with carrot and ginger. Amazing.

So whenever I hit the butcher, I like to check out all the assorted sausages on display. Typically it's just like ... 30 varieties of chicken with garlics and apples, etc. But on occasion, you run into the duck, venison and rabbit that make me happy.

Sunday, I came across a venison sausage with red wine and knew I had to throw it together with:
- wild rice mix
- cherry preserves
- rice vinegar
- cajun spice
- salt
- olive oil
- garlic

It might not look like all that much, but it was delicious. Meena isn't a huge fan of fennel seed and like most sausage, they hid a few in there. I don't mind it, but they are powerful. So I get it.

The cherry sauce was fantastic. Went perfect with the venison.

Ah, sausage. I love you.

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