I didn't have a ton of time last night, but I wanted to cook Meena something. She had a busy day and I just knew she needed some home cooked goodness to get her on track.

In my experience, baking fish in little packets in the oven is a really fast, super easy way to make dinner. Throw some stuff in a packet of foil or parchment and boom - you're done.

For my fish, I threw together:
- wild coho fillets
- tandori spice mix
- olive oil
- garlic
- black sesame seeds
- lime
- spinach

While those were baking I mixed up a little chutney:
- red onion
- brown sugar
- rice wine vinegar
- mustard
- garlic
- red pepper flakes

And then we served the whole concoction with some doctored up pitas:
- olive oil
- basil
- garlic

Meena really enjoyed this one. I thought I actually kept the salmon in a bit too long. They weren't those giant Atlantic fillets ... they were wild coho. Thus, they cooked a little faster. But boy, they were good. The tandori spice and the spicy chutney went perfect together.

So lots of big flavor and tons of spice for this cold, gross Monday night. Just what the doctor ordered.

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