After the Colts hung in there and kicked Jack Del Rio out of our house, we zipped over to Dan and Steve's for a little tree trimming party! It was rad. Steve's parents were in town, Dan made a bunch of snacks, they gave me a Colts ornament and they had a fridge full of beer. All the elements for an excellent trimming event.

Oh, and they had a tree! Look at that sucker ... perfect, right?

I had some work to do last night, so unfortunately, we had to split before they got going on pasta and the other courses. I'm sure it was lovely and totally delicious.

We did need nourishment, though, so we called in Cube 63 while I worked.

Meena did it a little different with:
- tempura soba

I wasn't all that hungry so I did:
- miso soup
- salmon avocado roll

It's still pretty cold in here so the warm soups really helped warm us from the inside out. When your nose is cold and the air is frigid while you're sitting on your own couch, piping hot miso might be the only way to fight back. It worked for us.

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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