Last night was awesome. Because we'll be in Milwaukee for my birthday, Dan and Steve stopped by last night for a little mini celebration with Zaytoons, cupcakes and and stimulating conversation.

As always, the delivery was awesome. Meena had:
- chicken shawarma platter

Alec had:
- shish kebab platter

Dan and Steve both had:
- falafel platter

Being carnivores of the highest order, we'd never had the falafel before. Dan and Steve both cosigned for it, though, so maybe I'll do it. I do like falafel.

We also had a little starter I whipped up. The only problem was that the delivery came first and it actually became an ... after:
- salmon
- cherry preserves
- soy sauce
- black sesame seeds
- mustard
- green onion
- wasabi powder
- ajvar

The salmon was a bit sweet ... but I enjoyed it.

And then, with cupcakes and Cava, Meena gave me my birthday present ... a Wii!!!

Dan and Steve stayed for a couple rounds of home run derby and a few rounds of bowling before calling it a night. I on the other hand, stayed up a little too late playing a little boxing and Madden '08.

Honestly ... it's the coolest gift ever. I'm going to be obsessed. Just to warn you.

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dan said...

sorry i almost broke it your first night. i really get into home run derby : )

happy early birthday!