This weekend we flew back to Milwaukee for another round of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's lovely annual Christmas show. I know it was a whole weekend, but honestly, the whole time really revolves around this show. And for good reason. It's a ton of fun and Mr. Roell has always made sure we have great food to go along with the amazing entertainment.

Let me back up just a sec. Friday we flew out of perpetually late LGA to the Milwaukee International Airport. We didn't eat much, just our standard cheap airport Chinese. But we had to wolf it down because the whole transit thing was really a mess and we just barely made the flight.

Once we got to Milwaukee, we picked up a burger at Culver's. Home of the famous butter burger. It was nice. Reminded me of Steak & Shake a little. Anyway, that was Friday's eatin'.

Then of course, Saturday was the show. We started out the evening at the Wisconsin Club where they truly rolled out the red carpet for the Christmas season. Beautiful decorations and roaring fireplaces were around every corner. It really made us all feel like the season was upon us. Well, that and the multiple inches of snow everywhere outside.

Anyway, we had our own room in the club (and they even indicated that fact up there on the board!) and after some wine, salads and delightful little cheese puffs, we got into our main courses. Meena had:
- autumn trio (beef tenderloin with scallops and foie gras served on gratin potatoes)

Alec went with:
- duck breast with cherry sauce and brussels sprouts

The food was wonderful. And there was more! Another birthday cake!

The waiter brought out a little cake for my birthday and they hacked that baby up for the whole table. Delicious end to the lovely meal.

And of course, the show was great. In my humble opinion, the best one to date.

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