Saturday was James and D's highly anticipated holiday party. They'd distributed the e-vite weeks ago and honestly, I'd really been looking forward to the evening since they sent that sucker around.

I was excited for a couple reasons and I'll list them for you right now:
1. Seeing all of our friends and James and D's friends in the same place at the same time
2. D's food

Like most of the times we've been to their house for dinner and discussion, I don't really remember what went into all these lovely dishes you're seeing up there. But I'll list a quick overview of them for you:
- orzo and dill salad
- vegan bruschetta with garlic and chickpeas
- vegan stuffed mushrooms
- pigs ON a blanket
- cold asian noodle salad with peanuts
- sausage bread
- curried scallop cakes
- pumpkin bread pudding

Everything was outstanding. I loved everything I sunk my teeth into but I do remember the bruschetta, scallop cakes and bread pudding totally blowing me away. But like I said, it was all good and I can't thank James and D enough for having us over such a wonderful time.

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