Lilly's is one of those great places that just makes you feel a little better when you're there. Like Tartine in New York or Lucali in Brooklyn, you just really know life is good when you sit down and place an order.

Lilly's also will do WHATEVER you want. Many places are too pompous to allow such a practice. But they don't care there. They want you to be happy. They want you to like what you're eating. So you get what you want. No matter if it's not on the menu.

I did order off the menu, but most of the family didn't. Here's how it went:
- Alec: tortellini caprese with fresh basil
- Meena: pink sauce with whole wheat fettuccine and shrimp
- Allison: butternut squash ravioli with pink sauce
- Dad: pink sauce with black pepper fettuccine sausage, sun-dried tomato and mushroom
- Mom: spinach ravioli

The food was fantastic. Excellent dining experience (I even got to watch a little football because my seat looked into the bar). I mean, what a perfect vacation dinner, right?

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