We'd picked up some smoked salmon at the store the other night and hadn't had a chance to get into any of it. Facing a rapid decay rate down here in this humidity and salty air, we figured it'd be best to just break it out and make some appetizers before our light lunch yesterday.

So we did.

I made two types of bites. One had a potato chip base and the other a whole wheat toast. The consensus of opinion seemed to favor the chips. I agreed. At any rate, the first option included:
- wasabi mustard potato chips
- goat cheese
- smoked salmon
- chives

And the second was nearly the same ... only on a wheat toast.

Something about the wasabi chip gave the first option a little kick that made it better than the other. Creamy cheese, smoky salmon and just a bit of wasabi bite. Perfect.

Lunch was more from the sandwich stable. Meena and I split a wrap filled with roast beef, cheese, lettuce, mustard and mayo. Couple of carrots and that's what we called lunch.

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