I'm not sure what brought on the quesadilla idea last night but when I got to the grocery, it just felt right. It was a cold night. Why not some warm tex-mex?

The real struggle was finding some sort of green vegetable that worked with the theme. I was at a loss. I realize it's going to sound horribly unsophisticated, but seriously ... my plate at EVERY Mexican joint has like ... beans. And rice. I couldn't think of anything else. So I went with swiss chard and corn. That'll work, right?

So the veggies went like this:
- swiss chard
- corn
- cajun spice
- garlic
- salt
- worcestershire sauce

The worcestershire was a little strong. I would pull back on that a little next time. Probably just a touch of olive oil, but I was out last night.

The main course went like this:
- smoked mozzarella
- poblano pepper
- roasted red pepper
- avocado
- salsa
- flour tortilla
- sour cream

Not bad. I used those low carb tortillas because it's all they had at the store. They're not as good. Sadly. They're sticky and they just don't want to get a crispy as the normal ones. But they were fine and the quesadillas were fine. It ended up being a ton of food and I will most definitely have them for lunch today.

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