I thought dinner might be in jeopardy because of my late arrival last night but Meena had been kind enough to hit the butcher for us earlier in the evening. So all was well with the world when I rolled up on some fresh ground lamb.

It's sad, but we were both blown away when she told me that rather than some random ground meat sitting in a deli case, when she ordered, they grabbed a hunk of meat and ground it fresh. I mean ... that's impressive, right? We thought so. That's bad right? It should always be that way! But it's not. So .. we thought it was cool. Whatever.

Anyway, while I was cooking, Meena warmed up some little shrimp tarts she picked up at the butcher. They were kinda nice! And I love little bites when I'm cooking. Glass of wine and a snackie? That's livin'.

The Moroccan spiced meatballs went like this:
- lamb
- dried cranberries
- mint
- egg
- garlic
- red onion
- red pepper flakes
- salt

I also included a yogurt sauce:
- plain yogurt
- salt
- mint

Meena whipped up some boxed rice to go along with everything and we had a meal. I didn't remember to throw the cinnamon in the meatballs, but I still think they were fine. We both liked them. Had two helpings actually. I guess that means success, right? Or just insatiable hunger. One of the two.

Anyway, it was a nice meal. I'll make these again.

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