Florida has many things. Lovely weather. Beaches. The ocean. But delicious independent restaurants seem to be the minority around these parts. Lots of chains are around, though. And more often than not, we hit them up. And one in particular that Meena and I can't get in NYC is the storied P.F. Changs.

It was loud and noisy and I could hardly hear Mom and Dad on the other side of the booth, but once they brought us some chicken lettuce wraps, nobody had much to say anyway!

After that lovely starter, we got down to business with the main course. The table received brown rice and the rest of the orders shook out as follows:
- Mom had some sort of lemon chicken
- Allison had mongolian beef
- Meena had chang's spicy chicken
- Dad and I both had the kung po chicken

It was a ton of food, but as always, pretty darn delicious. I ate my weight in spicy red peppers. Dad parted with his so I could indulge in one of my favorite tastes.

I ended up WAY full. INSANE full. I'm not sure if it's because the portions were bigger than I'm accustomed to navigating or if I just ate too fast because I was so excited to be having it, but it matters not - it was good and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

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