After a few flights and a cab ride, we finally made it back to Brooklyn and honestly, I felt like I needed to cook as soon as the bags were partially unpacked. So I hit Pacific Green for a few quick ingredients and got moving on pizzettas once I walked through the door.

I pretty much made the same one three times. Here's how it went:
- crimini mushrooms
- red pepper flakes
- fresh mozzarella
- anchovies
- flour tortilla
- dried basil
- black pepper
- tomato sauce

I did one with a little Mexican spice mix and another with the tandori mix we had in the spice rack. Just a little flavor weirdness. I didn't really need to add that stuff. But whatever. I thought it might be fun. I probably should have just kept them normal. What fun is the kitchen if you're not messing around though? No fun for me.

They were all good though. It's sorta good to be home. Neither of us want to go to work. But this is our house. It's always good to be in your house and sleep in your own bed. I just miss all the family we just spent the last week with, though.

Back to reality!

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