Meena submitted a request for pizzettas last night and because I feel like it had been a minute, I was happy to oblige.

I recently read some food blogger’s mission statement that said something about his whole purpose being to break his habit of cooking the same stuff over and over. It got me thinking.

Do I cook the SAME stuff over and over? I never use a recipe so honestly, the same dish is pretty much never served twice … for better or worse.

I do cook the same types of things a lot. Lots of piles of potatoes and fish. Lots of pizzettas. A healthy heaping of stews and slow cooked meats. And let’s not forget the fact we order the same delivery all the time.

Are we in a rut? I mean, it may seem like it. But it all still tastes good to me! So I guess maybe I’ll try to push it a little. I know I need to revise the page’s layout. And I need to fold in some new element or this thing is going to get boring for me. It’s already boring for all of you who read this. So I’ll do my best to integrate something fresh. I promise. It’ll be a late New Year’s resolution.

Anyway, enough of that. About these lovely pizzettas! I only used a handful of ingredients to make two different kinds. The first take featured:
- flour tortilla
- marinara
- anchovies
- red onion
- basil
- green onion cheddar

The second option went like this:
- flour tortilla
- basil pesto
- red onion
- parmesan
- roasted red pepper
- crushed red pepper
- sea salt

Meena wasn’t a huge fan of the red pepper dominated joint. I didn’t really have a problem with either option. I thought they both came out crisp, lovely and jam packed with a few simple flavors (mostly salty … which is fine by me).

Another successful journey though the land of pizzetta.

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