Last night I went to see at show at the Mercury Lounge and it was a lot of fun. The Teenagers were in town from Paris (a fact they reminded us of often) and they played all their hits at an early show that wrapped up fairly early.

Then I sat in the train station for 45 minutes.

Then I got annoyed (really annoyed) and paid for a cab back to Brooklyn. It was massively frustrating so I called Meena on the way home and had her call in some comfort delivery - Chinese.

That's right. I had her call up China Hong and get me some General Tso's chicken. Obviously not the best thing for me. But I needed something comfortable and easy. So you know .... sue me.

While I was away, Meena called in some pad thai from Joya. Also delicious.

Now I'm off to jury duty. BORING. I'll upload pictures later. Peace.

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