It's hard to fathom, but due to a very unfortunate scheduling mistake, Meena is at her Glamour welcoming dinner and not here for the opening of an all new season of the world's most addictive television program, Lost.

And because I had jury duty today I ended up with some more time than usual to make dinner. I got lucky and every one of the cases went the plea bargain route. That means I got out a little before 5:00 and I don't have to go back again for nine years. Whoo hoo!

So I grabbed the butterflied chicken breast we had in the freezer and whipped up a little dinner for one:
- chicken breast
- basil
- smoked mozzarella
- sun-dried tomato
- balsamic reduction

I also threw together a small salad:
- watercress
- sun-dried tomato
- bleu cheese
- black pepper
- olive oil

The whole thing was good. The chicken was funny - it almost had the taste of salami when I mixed each bite with the balsamic reduction. Really strange. But as my Dad would say, I did get a really good scald on that bird. Not over cooked or dry, just wonderfully juicy with a nice smoky finish thanks to that wonderful mozzarella.

You may wonder why I'm typing this during the show. Well, it's because I didn't do my homework and didn't understand that the first hour of this "two hour" super show was actually just a recap. A Lost for dummies if you will.

So I figured I'd share dinner with everyone. Tada!

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