Friday night was one of those gross rainy nights that makes you hate New York. Honestly, there are few places worse than New York when it's raining and cold. Because you have to walk through it. And everyone has umbrellas ... which are typically right at my eye level because I tower over lots of New Yorkers.

Anyway, that was the mindset we were in when we got home and decided we needed to keep it close and hit something we knew would hit the spot and make us feel warm.

Pretty easy. Lobo was the simple choice.

I had plenty of chips and salsa to get it going and because it was Friday ... a margarita as well.

Then for the main courses we had pretty standard meals. Meena had her usual:
- edwin's enchiladas with verde sauce

Alec had:
- chicken skinny enchiladas with ranchero sauce

We left completely full and totally satisfied. So so Tex Mex can work wonders sometimes.

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