I don't think I'd done muffin-tin madness in a minute so I figured I'd get that going this Saturday a.m. I think the last time it looked sorta gross on the blog. So I was determined to do a little nicer look this time around.

I had some leftover dinner from Thursday than needed to be used so I got it out and threw it together with the following:
- chicken roll (with basil, sun-dried tomato and smoked mozzarella)
- egg
- salt
- balsamic vinegar
- basil
- whole wheat tortilla
- red onion

I also threw together some roasted potatoes:
- idaho potato
- paprika
- olive oil
- black pepper

And threw the whole thing over some greens:
- watercress
- olive oil
- salt

This one really hit the spot and got us ready for ... the exterminator to come. Saturday! Yes!

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