Saturday night we made an odd call and went to Thor in the Lower East Side. It's the trendy restaurant in the Hotel on Rivington. See, Dan needed to entertain a girl from Milan who was in town for fashion week. Lots of Euros hang out at the HoR, so I guess the thinking was ... that would be a good place to go.

I went a couple years ago for a private party and it was pretty good. So I was cool with the idea. I hadn't heard much about it in a while so I was a little freaked out that it was on the decline. I had read the kitchen had turned over and a new regime was in place. So there was some worry for sure.

Turns out it was pretty good. The food was OK. Not AMAZING, but good. The atmosphere, while trendy, was nice because hardly anyone was there when we showed up at 8:00. We nearly had the whole thing to ourselves.

The service left a little to be desired. The waiter poured wine in my water glass. But he gave us more, so no biggie. Steveo got the wrong meal. But they got it right eventually.

Meena and I started with:
- tuna tartare with green apple, cumin, cucumber and potato crisp

Steve and Dan started with:
- fried artichoke salad

Then Meena had:
- steak frites with bernaise sauce

Dan had:
- duck with something in it. Can't remember.

Steve had:
- risotto with fricassee of mushrooms, garlic chips and pea greens

Alec had:
- skate wing with roasted cabbage and something else

Again, the food was OK. I thought Meena's steak was just OK and pretty overpriced. That was unfortunate. But we went to a great beer bar after and that was fun. And honestly, the atmosphere was fine in there. So that was OK. And all I really cared about was hanging with Dan and Steve and Meena. So whatever. Fun night!

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