Last night we went over to Williamsburg to join James and D prior to a party at Matt's sister's apartment. They'd scoped a new spot in the hood called Fiore earlier in the day and they were stoked to hit it with us. Lucky for us, the place was still really new and sans a liquor license so we were BYOB all the way. Excellent.

I didn't want to be that guy with the flash bulbs going off so my apologies for the crappy photos. At any rate, here's what we chose. Meena did:
- tuna salad with tomatoes, red onion and bread
- bucatini with amitriciana

I kept it mostly straight forward:
- beef carpaccio with parmesan
- two cheese pizza with black pepper

My pizza wasn't all that great, but I did like my salad a lot. It wasn't bad. The pizza. Not at all. But the crust left a little to be desired.

Meena's pasta was pretty good, but I'm not sure she loved it. I know she wasn't a HUGE fan of the salad. It was good, I think she just had something else in mind when she ordered it.

James got the real winner. Short ribs with mashed potatoes and stuff. Really lovely. I had a bite. It was amazing. The clear winner of the evening.

Matt's sister had a great place and the evening came to an end a few hours (and bottles of wine) later when James was awesome enough to drop us back in Cobble Hill. Thanks everyone!

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