The week was finally over and Meena was finally starting to feel better. Cause for celebration, right? Well, we were planning to see Cloverfield with Dan and Steve but before we hit the theater, we had a few culinary stops to make.

We started with a little spread of snacks at the house. Nothing special, just some salami, crackers, smoked provolone, onion cheddar and the very necessary cornichons.

Lovely spread. We washed it all down with a touch of pinot noir.

Once Dan and Steve came by, we took off for a Japanese spot around the corner we'd been wanting to try for some time - Hibino.

The place was beautiful. And their angle in the whole Japanese restaurant game is Kyoto-style obanzai, fresh made tofu and new and traditional style sushi for a reasonable price. That's a quote from their site. And it's true. That's really what they're doing. Anyway, here's what we had. Meena got rolling with:
- obanzi stew (with diakon and fish cake and egg and all sorts of stuff)
- teriyaki chicken

Alec had:
- miso soup
- kyoto style futomaki

My food was awesome. Meena's food was really impressive. The chicken was rad and that obanzi was like nothing I'd ever had before. It was like stew ... but separated into it's four individual components. Strange, but great.

Steveo actually worked with the lady who owns the place so she sent us a free desert. Really nice. Sesame ice cream, these lovely little custards, green tea ice cream.

Very cool. And despite what everyone else thought ... I liked Cloverfield, too!

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