I got out a little earlier last night (not really early, just not 8:00 p.m.) so I joined Meena on a quick F ride back to the hood. On our walk home, we hit Fish Tales and Pacific Green for a couple quick supplies. It was super cold out last night so I was seriously racing back to the house to get the burners cranked up and the oven broiling.

I still didn't want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Given I had a little extra time to kick back, I wanted to get in and out and start digging in as quickly as possible. So what's easier and faster than fish and rice? Not much, man. Here's what went into it:
- cod
- glaze (brown sugar, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, garlic)
- scallions
- white rice
- burnt red onion
- burnt poblano pepper

I threw it all under the broiler to finish after a quick stint in the oven. Awesome flavor.

I also threw together a salad:
- field greens
- red onion
- parmesan
- olive oil
- rice vinegar
- salt
- basil
- mustard

The greens were delicious, too. Nice mustard flavor permeated the whole thing.

I loved the whole meal. It was super quick and the cod was delicious and packed with flavor as a result of that glaze really getting baked into it. Meena isn't a fan of the peppers, but I liked the additional flavor they added with their buddies, the burn onions.

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