We didn't feel like cooking when we both got home late last night so we decided some Indian would be in order. Normally we do the Thai or Japanese thing, but we figured what the heck? We hadn't really reached out to any of the Indian places around here. We figured we'd give Dhaka Indian a shot.

We usually do the test and order our favorites when we call any Indian place. So we went with the normal stuff. Meena had:
- chicken tika masala

Alec had:
- lamb vindaloo

We also had an order of naan, the various sauces that come with Indian food and one order of mango pickle. I'd be remiss if I didn't admit I only ordered this because M.I.A. mentions it in a song. She likes fish and mango pickle. Or so she says. So I figured whatever. I'll try it. And now ... I've tried it. I'm not sure I need to again. Maybe it was just this place and their mango pickle I didn't like. Who knows. But you know, I like to try stuff.

Anyway, the food was OK. Not great. Not as good as Baluchi's. But not bad. There are a couple other spots we can call. And I'm sure we will.

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