As I've mentioned extensively, Meena has been sick for the better part of a week at this point. She's still not feeling great, but I'm hoping she's finally turning the corner. Let's hope.

At any rate, she requested comfort food last night and I was happy to help out with the request. Who is going to argue with comfort food? I mean really. And what's more comfortable than mac and cheese?

Here's how I did mine:
- organic macaroni and cheese
- smoked provolone
- parmesan
- bread crumbs
- olive oil
- dried basil
- milk
- low fat hebrew national hot dogs

Meena is a huge fan of having some hot dogs with her mac so I grilled up a few and threw them in as well. It was lovely. It was like being 12 again. Pretty awesome.

I also whipped up a quick salad to give us some greenery:
- field greens
- red onion
- dried cranberries
- olive oil
- rice vinegar
- salt
- mustard powder
- crushed red pepper
- dried basil

It was total comfort food but it was all really awesome. The funniest thing was that it was SO cheap to get the ingredients. I forget how much money you can save when you're eating grilled cheese and tomato soup style day in and day out. I'm not saying I'm about to make the switch, but you know ... just stating the obvious.

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daily worker said...

The community wishes a quick and steady recovery to our comrade Meena.