Meena was out sick yesterday so when I got home, she wasn't all that interested in food. She did decide finally that a shrimp shumai and POSSIBLY some miso might actually do the trick.

So we called our friends at Cube 63 and dialed up some Thursday night Japanese. I would have run out and picked up some supplies but it was raining and gross. I couldn't have done it. It was too nasty. So here's how it went:

Meena had:
- shrimp shumai
- miso soup

Alec had:
- sushi plate (california roll and 8 pieces of fish)
- miso soup

I forgot to take a picture of the sushi plate. Whoops. It was just so tasty that I dove into it and forgot all about taking photos. I didn't eat any of my rice which is the way I like to roll with this new sushi plate deal. If I do ... I'm too full by the time I get to the third piece. So I just stick with the fish.

Meena was really into her soup and shumai. I think she still felt kinda bad and went to bed, but at least she ate a little something. She'll be better soon. I'm sure of it.

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