I had to go to the Wyclef show in Times Square last night so I wasn't really able to get down with some serious eats. I hate eating alone so I wasn't about to go hit some restaurant in midtown after work all by myself. So I just worked a little later and then sorta meandered over toward the Nokia Theater. A little past it, I found a Subway and that was fine for last night. It was a weird ghetto Subway food court thing with like Nathans and Indian places and Chinese places too. Very strange. But I went for the Subway and it filled me up and that was awesome.

I had turkey. On wheat. With the usual provolone, mustard, every pepper they have and some lettuce and tomato. Nothing special but it's pretty much my favorite.

I can't front. I like Subway. When Meena and I are on road trips we'll go way out of our way to find a rest stop Subway. It just makes more sense for some reason.

Anyway, I didn't have food photos so I just snapped a couple shots of Wyclef and Times Square to give you a sense of what the rest of my night looked like. Wyclef was good. He covered Marley and soloed on the guitar with his teeth. Can't ask for much more than that, right?

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Dan said...

i can't front. i love subway too. 6 inch turkey on whole wheat, light mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickles. the pickles make the sammich.