Meena and I had a very late night again. I had to work at some Us Weekly event and Meena was doing some extra stuff to get acclimated with the new gig. So when we finally got home around 10ish, we weren't sure what to do about food. Our natural inclination was to go the delivery route, but in the end, I just thought the stuff we had in the fridge from the previous night's adventure in sandwiches would be ideal. And fast.

So I piled on the Turkish Delight bread just like last night:
- tomato sauce
- turkish delight bread
- roast beef
- grilled onions
- fresh mozzarella
- crushed red pepper
- salt
- dried basil

After a little hard time under the broiler, our sandwiches emerged from the heat looking ... well, a lot like they did last night. And that was a good thing. The onions and beef and cheese and sauce? Delicious.

And after a little TV time, that was that. On to Friday!

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