It was a short week but it felt ... so ... long. Three days, but three terrible ones. Everyone was itching to get back to business and I somehow ended up on the receiving end of all their post-holiday efforts do disguise late December slacking.

I digress.

Given the stressful work climate, we figured we'd go somewhere that always centers our minds and gets us back to where we need to be.

And no surprise, we did exactly what we always do.

Alec had:
- baked pear with blue cheese and honey garlic oil
- rabbit and ginger sausages in miso and carrot sauce

Meena had the:
- smoked mussels in cilantro chili butter
- broiled chicken with goat cheese and papaya puree

Seriously, this place is perfect. And thanks to a nice little post-holiday gift Artie hooked me up with, we even enjoyed a delicious pinot noir with dinner.

Long live the weekend.

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Dan said...

mmmmm. i love ivo and lulu!