It had been weeks since we'd seen Dan and Steveo, so we were all pretty stoked to see each other when we made it to Park Slope last night. And as an added treat (and because Dan got some awesome new knives) we were all set to enjoy the results from some of Dan's hard work in the kitchen.

Dan got us started with some homemade hummus and plantain chips. Actually, I should say, this whole meal had a neo-Columbian vibe. Which was awesome. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.

After that, we got down with some polenta cakes that had a variety of nice toppings. One had hummus and sun-dried tomato. The other had an avocado salad. Like, seriously ... does it get better?

Then for dinner, we got super special with amazing little tacos. We had a talapia variety. We had a chipotle chicken variety. We had avocado and manchego for toppings. We had a chipotle mayo. We had slaw! With a couple of corn tortillas? It gets no better.

After dinner, we had some more wine and then engaged in a little friendly competition on the boys' new Wii! That's right, we all got it now baby. We're in business.

Awesome meal. Thanks so much Danny!

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dan said...

glad you liked. the arepas will be better next time, promise.