One last dinner in Florida and subsequently, 2007 as well! It seemed fitting we hit one of our favorite spots - Max's Grille. It's a Mizner Park favorite and over the years, we've spent many an afternoon or evening on their outdoor patio sampling the best stuff they have.

Yesterday we kept it fairly simple. Here's how it went:
- Mom and Dad: southwestern cobb salad
- Allison: salmon of some sort
- Meena: crispy chicken salad
- Alec: blackened dolphin sandwich

I probably should have ordered one of those lovely salads, but I hadn't had any local fish since I'd been down here and I thought I should before we split. It was OK. And it filled me up. Can't complain.

That salad Mom and Dad had ... amazing. The dressing is out of this world. It's some sort of smoky cilantro and lime number. Unmatched.

When we got home, we broke out some lovely shrimp dad picked up from Bob's fish market. We had to live it up for the new year! So several shellfish and a couple bottles of wine later, we were hooting and hollering for 2008. Not really. We were actually pretty subdued. But we were still merry and happy.

It's been such a lovely trip. Florida is so important to us. I love this place. Meena loves this place. It's the best there is.

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Allison said...

it's "a good place"