This morning I went digging through the fridge for some breakfast stuff. We didn't have a TON of supplies, but as it turned out, plenty for a quick omelet.

Nothing special. Definitely nothing fancy. Just egg whites and some simple fillings. Here's the list:
- egg whites
- spinach
- laughing cow cheese
- parmesan
- pancetta
- salt
- olive oil
- cherry tomatoes

It was pretty good if I do say so myself. That laughing cow gets creamy instantly and the pancetta was salty and perfect. The cherry tomatoes were exploding with good tomato flavor that you can't find in the regular joints this time of year.

I don't know that it was a "healthy" breakfast but it wasn't like ... triple bypass inducing. I don't think anyway. But whatever. It was good. And I ran this afternoon. So let me eat and have my fun!

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