The last few days of this week were especially challenging at the office so we figured a movie and dinner would be the ideal evening to ease into the weekend. I'd been told There Will Be Blood was one of the best films anyone would see in the next few months so I figured we'd be best served hitting it up. Turns out that was a wise decision. It was great.

For dinner, we wanted to be close to the theater. Thus, Cube 63 it was. It was also awesome to see the place packed last night. We barely got a table!

We didn't deviate too much from the norm. Alec had:
- sushi plate (8 pieces and a california roll)
- miso soup

Meena had:
- lobster tempura roll
- 63 roll

As always, it was glorious. Spectacular fish. I couldn't eat all my rice, but I was hungry, so I plowed through most of it.

Awesome dinner. Amazing film. Fantastic Friday night.

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