I already knew Meena was the best ever but when I got home late last night and she had all those lovely things you see up there hot and ready to go ... well, she really just locked up her reputation from now until forever.

The first little course she had waiting was some sort of goat cheese appetizer she found at the butcher. We both agreed it wasn't the best little thing we'd ever picked up. Lots of goat cheese ... not a lot more flavor. The one with the olive tapenade was good though.

Then she got down with some serious main courses. First we got started with the salad:
- spinach
- parmesan
- cherry tomatoes
- dressing (olive oil, garlic rice wine vinegar, honey mustard, worcestershire, salt and black pepper)

And that lovely rolled chicken contained:
- butterflied chicken breast
- parmesan
- pancetta
- herbed bread crumbs
- laughing cow cheese
- chicken broth
- paprika
- garlic

Everything was great. The chicken was all rich and cheesy. And that little pancetta pop made everything taste incredible. That marinara we've been enjoying for the past few days made its encore appearance and it really tied the whole thing together.

The salad dressing was perfect (Meena is way better at dressing than me) and the spinach was dry as a bone when everything started mixing (shout out to the salad spinnah!!!!!).

Meena is amazing.

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