I wanted to cook last night in a bad way. We were out on Monday, I was out on Tuesday and Wednesday, if I had my way, was going to be cooking time!!

Luckily, Meena had picked up a glorious new salad spinner, so both of us were eager to get in the kitchen and get to work on some delicious midweek taste explosions.

We started things off with the salad (thanks to the spinner!) that featured:
- green apple
- baby spinach
- pancetta
- rice wine vinegar
- salt
- balsamic vinegar
- pistachios
- olive oil
- garlic

I think it was good. The flavor was strong. I need to work on salads a little. I haven't been making them as much lately and my skills have suffered. I'll do better.

The main was a salmon meatball offering that was totally fantastic. It went like this:
- salmon
- serrano pepper
- garlic
- lime juice
- dijon mustard
- oyster sauce
- salt
- allspice

I served them atop a little of that marinara Meena picked up the other night. Pretty fantastic. They were moist and tender but still packed with lots of good spice and salty, tart flavor.

I'd make these again for sure. I think I could have eaten about 13 of them. Next time. Next time.

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