I just have to come right out and say it. Evil was finally defeated. It was amazing. It couldn't have come at a better time. The Giants of New York were able to lop off the head of the beast when it counted most. It was no Colts win ... but it was for sure the next best thing for this Indiana boy.

And it wouldn't be football at James and D's house without some of D's amazing foodz. After an assortment of goodies prior to the big meal, we were treated to the most amazing meatball grinder/sub/hero ever (We had a regional vernacular discussion about what long sandwiches are called in our respective home states. I called it a sub, FYI. In Connecticut it's a grinder ... and NY calls them heroes. Funny.).

Anyway, it was awesome.

Then after the game, we all had the most amazing apple, almond cake ... well ... ever. It was seriously magic in every bite. Just look at that photo. You want to eat it don't you? Yeah. I knew it. Well, you can't. But trust me ... it was seriously amazing and you'd still be reeling from it today if you had been fortunate enough to sink your teeth into a slice.

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