I feel like I've used this title before. Sorry. Sometimes I make the same thing and it's hard to come up with catchy titles. Especially because I usually work on this first thing in the morning. SOMETIMES without coffee. So you know. It happens.

Last night we had a burger and fries. But not the standard variety. Standard for us, I guess. But not like ... McDonalds or anything. Here's how I did the turkey burger:
- ground turkey
- garlic
- red onion
- tomato paste
- worcestershire sauce
- parmesan
- bread crumbs
- soy sauce

I also threw together some shiitake mushrooms with some olive oil, salt, sesame seeds and a little oyster sauce. I threw that on the skillet and topped off the burger off with this little condiment.

The burger was between two slices of that lovely Turkish bread I've been enjoying so much lately. Delicious.

And of course, we had some fries. Nothing special but they were pretty good. I used:
- potato
- salt
- olive oil

So it worked. It was a nice dinner. The only feedback Meena gave was that it was pretty huge and that bread was a little intense. Which was probably true. But I loved it. And there are even some extras! Whoo hoo!

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