I think I mentioned (maybe I didn't but I can't really remember and I'm too lazy to go back and check) that we hit the butcher this afternoon and stocked up on meat for the week. Not lots, but I picked up a chicken breast, lamb chops and pork chops. And round one called for that lovely bone in chicken breast.

Nothing is better than a nice roasted chicken breast. And it's so simple. Serve with some potatoes and you're set. It's just one of those simple, amazing dishes that never gets old.

Not much effort went into this joint:
- chicken breast
- garlic
- white wine
- salt
- thyme
- lemon
- black pepper

And Meena whipped up some potatoes:
- red new potatoes
- milk
- gorgonzola
- salt
- black pepper
- garlic powder

After I'd pulled out the chicken from the oven, I reduced the liquid it cooked in by half and made up a little sauce. A gravy if you will. Then I spooned a couple spoonfuls over each piece of the bird.

Meena decided it was a little too tart. I actually liked it, but I understand. I knew I shouldn't have used the whole lemon. One half would have been fine. But it was a bunch of chicken so I figured I'd go all out. Oh well. I'll know next time. But I really liked it. So it wasn't a total loss. But I'm well aware of her lemon aversion and I promise, PROMISE I'll keep it in check next time around.

Anyway, it was a great dinner. Nice finish to a wonderfully relaxing weekend. I just needed it to be about three days longer.

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