Sorry Peter Brady. No apple sauce.

That was lame. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. My bad.

Anyway, I made pork chops tonight and MY GOODNESS they were excellent. I don't know if it's my Midwestern roots or what, but pork chops are my thing. Any pork product, honestly. But these chops I picked up at the butcher this weekend were pretty much completely perfect. Nice, thick cut chops with the bone in.

When I got home from work, I pulled the chops out of a little marinade I had brewing. It featured maple syrup, tomato sauce, soy sauce and a little water. No clue where that came from. But it felt right.

Anyway, I pulled out the chops, threw down a little salt and pepper and seared those suckers off in a hot pan. Then I threw them in the oven and finished them off to about 150. Which was probably a little excessive, but the meat was still juicy and delicious.

I also threw together the chutney:
- fuji apple
- white onion
- brown sugar
- mustard
- crushed red pepper
- red wine vinegar
- garlic

I de-glazed the pan and got up all the bits from the pork and then threw in the following:
- spinach
- green onion
- garlic
- sea salt

Pretty rad meal. The spinach was perfect. The meat was cooked a little too much but it was still pretty awesome. The chutney went with it quite well. No surprise. Apples and pork. Duh. But the sweet and spicy chutney gave it a little extra punch. That I loved.

Best part is ... I have an extra left over for tomorrow!

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