Tonight was tax night. The horrible, dreaded, awful night that makes me want to gag a little every time I think about it. Now it's over. And it wasn't THAT painful. But it sucked and believe me, I'm enjoying my congratulatory glass of wine right this very minute.

Because I had all sorts of annoying financial documents to review and Meena was working crazy late, I kept dinner prep to a bare minimum. I had the leftover pork chop from last night and a bit of the apple chutney. So the moment I walked in the door, I threw the chop in the oven and got the chutney out on the table.

After I'd thrown my coat off and put up my bag, etc. I got back to the chopping block and ran the knife through some leftover bell peppers and onions as a side. Super simple. All I included was:
- red bell pepper
- green bell pepper
- olive oil
- green onion
- white onion
- sea salt

I threw it all under the broiler and started my taxes.

After I'd updated my address info, I was read to pull out the veggies and top the warmed chop with some chutney.

Awesome. Again. I have to say, those chops I got from the butcher were some of the best I've ever picked up from a store. Expect to see these pop up on MOAP again very soon.

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