I'd never done lamb chops before. I've eaten them plenty of times but I'd never cooked them. But after a great experience with them in Colorado, I figured I'd give them a shot.

Turns out they were super fatty. I guess I should have trimmed them a little more. I had the butcher take the first crack, but I should have probably gone a little further.

At any rate, nothing special here. Just salt, pepper and a good sear on the chops and then off to the oven to finish up to a beautiful medium. I could have gone for medium rare, but I know Meena is a medium fan so I erred on that side.

I also threw together some spinach and potatoes. The spinach went like this:
- red wine
- spinach
- green onion
- garlic
- salt

I deglazed the pan I used to sear the chops before adding the spinach. I think it gave it a wonderful burst of flavor.

I also threw together the potatoes:
- red new potatoes
- skim milk
- parmesan
- olive oil

It was a pretty lovely dinner. The chops were small and a touch fatty but my goodness the flavor was incredible. Each chop may have only yielded three bites but every fork-full was a little bit of meaty perfection. The potatoes were rad. The spinach was salty and popping with a slight garlic bite.

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