Meena said I'm big on stacking things. I guess that's true. Sorry about that. Plating is an ongoing challenge for me and I guess I'm in a bit of a rut. I'll try and improve that in the coming months.

Anyway, I was home alone last night because Meena was out at a bachelorette party. So although I had plans to just whip up a sandwich and call it a night, I found a nice package of crab claw meat and I thought I might switch it up a little. Crab cakes are so simple that it really isn't much more difficult than a sandwich anyway.

So I threw together the following:
- crab meat
- egg
- panko
- salt
- green onion
- paprika
- black pepper
- olive oil

Then I roasted a poblano and mixed it up with some sour cream. I served the whole thing over some greens and olive oil and topped with a splash of sambal oelek.

Awesome. That crab claw meat is a massively wonderful find. Much better than the lump stuff. And like ... a dollar more. So that's the way I'll be doing these in the future.

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