Meena had to head out to Diana's bachelorette party this evening so I thought it best to make sure she had a good breakfast to get her started.

Actually, while I was on the line with my sister, she ran out and picked up some amazing Omega eggs and some great Canadian bacon. I really just threw it all together. Her ingredients were the boss, man.

So here's what went in:
- egg
- guacamole
- fresh salsa
- sour cream
- flour tortilla
- white onion
- salt
- black pepper
- canadian bacon
- olive oil

Amazing. And you know what's weird? Both eggs had two yolks. Is that weird? I thought it was. I figured it was fantastic to find one that way. But both eggs? That just seemed pretty crazy.

Anyway, everything was totally delicious and I loved every bite. The bacon was out of this world and as I said before, those eggs were supreme. Seriously.

Not sure what I'd do for dinner. Maybe I'll whip something up quick and watch a movie. Stay tuned.

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