I'd done a dish like this a really long time ago. I think when we lived in the West Village I gave it a whirl. And it was because I'd had a dish similar to this when I was at Extra Virgin once. I don't remember the vegetables and stuff I had on the plate, but the key component was this lovely prosciutto wrapped monkfish.

When I was at Fish Tales last night, I saw a few nice looking monkfish fillets and I said ... why not?

We still had some of D's lovely mashed potatoes in the fridge, so I figured I'd just make the fish and throw together some veg and plop it all over the spuds. The fish was super simple:
- monkfish
- prosciutto

That's it!

Then I threw together the brussels sprouts:
- brussels sprouts
- salt
- olive oil
- paprika
- honey

I threw everything over the potatoes and then drizzled with a bit of chive infused olive oil to give it a rich, subtle hint of onion flavor.

Meena was really into this one. She put it up there with the seaweed salmon we make sometimes (one of her favorites we make). So I guess that's a pretty good vote of confidence. The fish was cooked well and it definitely took on the texture "poor man's lobster" should. The ham gave it a lovely salty flavor and potatoes provided a great, creamy base.

This was awesome. We'll make it again.

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LEV said...

this looks phenomenal