For breakfast, I decided to be as efficient as possible. I hit the fridge and started tossing everything together I could find. And you know what? It worked!

I started with some eggs:
- red spruce cheddar
- eggs
- salami
- salt
- paprika
- garlic

And then I did some vegetables:
- broccoli (from the chinese food!!)
- red cabbage
- spinach
- garlic
- salt
- olive oil

I had a couple slices of the whole wheat baguette and threw them on there, too.

Honestly, what really made this was the red spruce cheddar. Honestly, I had to be that dude. Those dudes who are all about the brand names of their eggs and the out of the way farm where they sourced their rare heirloom strain of prehistoric ham? I hate that stuff and it's so pretentious. I'm all about good food but come on ... spare me the advertising. It's just food. Let's keep it at that.

BUT ... I'm being that guy sorta. I guess the cheddar doesn't need to be red spruce. It just needs to be good and old. Aged five years, I'd say. Five years of stewing and you'll experience the eggs we were getting down with on Sunday morning. Awesome.

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