Twas the night before we were to make our way up to Tarrytown for James and D's wedding so we figured we needed to:
a) Keep the evening low key
b) Hang with Dan and Steve

We decided the easiest solution that would satisfy both would be to have the guys over here for some drinks and then hop on over to Lobo.

You can't go wrong with some tex mex and delicious drinks, right? Right.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Meena had:
- edwin's enchiladas

Alec had:
- chicken quesadilla

I think Dan had a chicken sandwich called the Bama and Steve had catfish maybe? I think.

Anyway, it was great to hang with friends and just chill.

The photo is from flickr. Someone named poobah or something. So thanks to poobah. But I wanted to show everyone that they truly do have some of the best margaritas in the hood. And that's what they look like!

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