We hadn't been to Lucali in a minute. And that was starting to annoy me. Every time we went it was either a three hour wait or something crazy like that. So we went on Friday and we didn't let the hour wait turn us back.

Well, it ended up being more than that. It was an hour and a half. And it was cold outside while we were waiting. REALLY cold. So we were really in it for the love on Friday night. But we weren't going to quit.

We were treated to a lovely Good Friday parade while we waited. Everyone from the neighborhood rolls through the neighborhood with Jesus in a coffin and they sing songs in Italian to celebrate the day. Pretty impressive. We felt like we saw something rather unique while we waited for a few slices!

We finally did get through the door and we settled on a simple pie:
- mushroom
- garlic

The photo unfortunately sucks but I promise, it was amazing as always. Perfect crust. Amazing sauce. You can't ask for much more on a chilly Friday night.

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