Friday was lovely. The weather was warm, we had nothing to do and the neighborhood was alive. I love New York about this time of year. It’s like vampires coming out at night. We’ve been cooped up in cramped apartments for so long and when the sun starts to shine and the cool breeze is gently whipping down the avenue, we all come out to play.

In honor of the occasion (and the weekend ahead) we decided to start off the night at Black Mountain Wine House. We hadn’t been in a minute and figured … why not?

We both had a single glass of Shane’s pick (Meena a white, Alec a red) and a couple small bites. We shared:
- cheese plate with bread and chutney
- charcuterie with bread and mustard

Both were quite wonderful and the atmosphere was perfect. We had one cheese I felt was the standout – a smoky, crumbly aged joint that made me stop and pause for a second when I tasted it. The subtle smoke made it one of the better I’d tried in a long time. I can’t remember what it’s called but if you’re there, it’s the one described as smoky in the tasting notes.

After the House, we wound our way through the neighborhood to Smith and Vine and Video Free Brooklyn. Couple movies and a bottle of wine for after dinner chilling at the house.

We thought of several different things but finally elected to sit on the back porch at Cube 63.

We actually switched it up just a touch. Meena had:
- electric roll (salmon, white fish, crabmeat, caviar & tempura)
- pink lady (california and spicy tuna, top with crunch)
- shrimp shumai

And Alec had:
- miso
- hawaiian roll (spicy kani and shrimp)
- yellowtail and scallion

I don’t think Meena was a huge fan of the electric roll but she did seem to dig the pink lady. I love the Hawaiian. It’s nearly perfect.

Awesome night.

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