Saturday night was a night out with the bros. A couple of James’ band mates were in town for a small birthday celebration so I was invited to join the men in an evening of bowling, drinks and foods. I was more than happy to join.

I dropped Meena off with Diana and they went on about Brooklyn doing their thing. I believe they had some nice wine and lovely dinner. That’s the story.

The boys, on the other hand, kicked the event off with a stop at Gutter for some heated competition, beerz and a random pizza. I’m not sure I did all that well in the game, but I did enjoy myself some beers.

After the game, we hit Silent H, the little Vietnamese spot we’d hit once before with James and D. It was just as good as I remembered it (though sadly not BYOB any longer). I kept it totally standard and had:
- Vietnamese crepe

The night carried on from there to a handful of bars where I happily consumed a handful of beers. Needless to say, Sunday made me hate the idea of beer. Not because I was hung over or anything … I just felt STUFFED all day. Beer. It’s like eating loaves of bread.

Anyway, great night with great friends.

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